What Is The Best Way To Start Blogging?

Start blogging

Starting a blog now has been so simplified that it’s much easier to start blogging than to tie the lace of your shoes. Thus, I will be emphasising the word best to ‘right’ way to start blogging. You may also need to see this: What Is Content Marketing: Search Request Simplified

  1. Think about starting a blog as teaching others what you know. If you can show others what you know or are learning, you can successfully begin blogging and enjoy doing it every day. Your ability to share what you know in a way that others can learn from you is key to blogging. People go to the internet every day seeking information on myriads of subjects or problems requiring solutions. If you can provide the answer to their needs, you can blog about it.
  2. Identify your target students. You also need to identify who are these people that you want to reach with your solution. Identifying them and how best you can contact them with your solution will enhance the quality of your blog. Even though people are looking for answers, they want it simplified to enable them to apply it with ease. Sometimes the bane of any solution is the complexity of its presentation.
  3. Research how they find similar blogs online. For people with the problems you are solving to discover it, you need to make it accessible to them through options already known to them. In Google terms, they are called keywords. These are search strings visitors enter on search engines when looking for information related to their needs. For example, if I type black shoe into the Google search box, that means I’m looking for a shoe in black colour. You need to research what keyword trends visitors are using to find related blogs like yours.
  4. Develop your main contents on your topic around the needs of your students. Now, when you know what they are looking for, that’s your key to providing the required solution. If you tell me how to get the black shoe that I’m looking for, I would probably click on your link to find out about it. That means your content should seek to provide the information that answers the needs of those visiting customers. What Is Content Marketing: Search Request Simplified
  5. Start blogging and optimising your posts. Once you have your content addressed to the needs you discovered in your niche, it’s time to start posting. You can post one blog at a time. Or create a course module to address related problems. You can post new response daily or weekly or several times in a week. It’s just up to you. And finally, optimising your blog posts for the search engine is too important. Find out the best SEO practices and apply them to your blog. Here is a link to what SEO means to your blogging dream – Search Engine Traffic Optimization Simplified – What Is SEO?

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I want To Be A Blogger – What Should I Do?

I want to be a blogger

Congrats on your dream of becoming a blogger. Being a blogger is a fantastic opportunity anyone can ever have in life. I will like to provide an answer to your question: I want to be a blogger, what should I do?

In the real world, we consider teachers are outstanding because they shape the lives and destinies of others. On the internet, bloggers are the real teachers.

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How To Increase Website Traffic Using SEO Techniques

increase website traffic.

There are different ways to increase website traffic. And all of them are very good sources of online traffic to your site. Here is my list of traffic sources. You can implement any of them for web traffic.

Paid Traffic – your can use paid advertising like PPC to direct traffic to your site.

Direct Traffic – mostly as a result of an offline promotion, if you have any.

Email Marketing Traffic – email is another huge traffic source to drive repeat traffic to your blog.

Social Media Traffic – you can redirect your social media efforts to your blog. It’s a trending strategy you can adopt every day.

Referral Traffic – it’s usually a great source of traffic as well. If you are doing effective backlink, this would help with a good source of traffic.

Organic Traffic – the big one is organic Traffic if done well. It’s the source of free traffic for a profitable online business. Here is where SEO Techniques are needful and useful.

If you choose the search engine optimization its because you want organic traffic. Although, other traffic sources are good but organic is cheaper and sustainable.

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