The importance of cooking gas is growing every day all across Nigeria. There are many types of gas regulators on the market today. And most people don’t even know that there are features in a regulator. The same way you have features on your gas cooker or any other appliance at home. I will show you the features that must be on your gas regulator. And when buying a regulator you should always consider safety first. You know the phrase, don’t play with fire? Cooking with gas is playing with fire. You all know the dangers. So, safety should be first option to consider when buying a regulator. Don’t buy because the price is cheap. Think first about your family, your husband, children and other family members who may be living in the same home with you. How much do you value their lives? If there lives and yours are valuable, then go for the best regulator and not the cheapest. Your life is not cheap. On average, a good regulator cost between N2,000 to N3,000 both online and offline. I recommend you buy at www.mystore.com.ng or www.Jumia.com.ng/mystore. Or any approved RHINO dealer in your city. You can find address of RHINO dealers on RHINO Facebook page www.facebook.com/RhinoKit
However, the best regulators also come with some huge benefits you may not find on other regulators, Here are a few things you should consider when buying a gas regulator.
1. Safety First: regulators are the primary safety feature in cooking gas business. It’s where you lock and unlock your gas cylinder. And because gas cannot be easily seen when it’s leaking, your regulator should help protect you from such leakage.
2. Gas consumption: a regulator impacts on your gas consumption. It’s through the gas regulator that the gas gets to the gas cooker. How the regulator pushes the gas and the quantity of gas it pushes at one time is important to your consumption.
3. Gas gauge: another thing that can surprising with gas is an empty cylinder. Your gas can run out without notice. But a good regulator should help you know when your gas is running low. You may not be able to stop your gas from finishing but you can at least know when that is about to happen.
If you have a regulator that helps you deal with these three most important issues with using cooking gas, then you have the right gas regulator. However, let me help you find that gas regulator so you won’t be in doubt if such gas regulator actually exists. And I’m going to be specific with all the details and even brand name so you can go look for it in the market yourself. I will also tell you markets where you can find it and possible price range for the regulator depending on your location.
The name of the regulator is RHINO GAS REGULATOR WITH LEAK PROOF & GAUGE. The brand name to look for is RHINO. It doesn’t have fake. The manufacturer is Rhino Industrial & Trading Company Limited. A registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. So you can trust them. I can only assure you of this brand because I have used it myself and it’s a trusted brand for new generation gas regulators. There are also other types of this regulator but I can only write about RHINO because it was giving to me to test and confirm their claims – and that is why I wrote about it so that consumers can learn and make the right choice. I will be writing on other regulators if the manufacturers contact me with test samples to prove their claims. Read below for what makes RHINO REGULATORS the best in Nigeria right now.

GAS SAVING LOW PRESSURE: one of the discouragement families have from using gas to cook is the cost of gas. An average family can consume 12.5KG cylinder within 3 to 4 weeks of average cooking with a high pressure gas regulator. With the cost of cooking gas now that may be a bit on the high side for some families – at the rate of N4,000 to fill 12.5KG cylinder. However, using a low-pressure gas regulator can give you up to 6 weeks usage on the 12.5KG cylinder. That’s like an additional savings of N2,000 for each gas purchased. Some families in the busy cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt who major cooking like ones in a week and stock their fridge to feed on for the rest of the week, with many times minor cooking within the week can get up to 8 weeks from a 12.5KG cylinder using RHINO gas regulator – which is a low pressure gas regulator.

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…A Step-By-Step Guide
One business you must start this year is cooking gas shop. This business in becoming more profitable everyday. Yet not so many are going into it. The demand for cooking gas is increasing daily. More families are opting for cooking gas for easy cooking as well as cost saving. One 12.5KG gas bottle can last up to 60 days depending on your cooking consumption. Already, there is an increase demand on gas products like, regulators, cylinder, burners, hose, etc. and an average gas shop can generate up to N500,000 in monthly income. Most families can live very large on such income. If you are interested in setting up your own cooking gas shop, I have written this article just to guide you on the best way to go about it successfully even if you don’t know anything about gas business before now. Ok, I will advice you to save this number now 07087770518, you will be calling this number for guidance on gas shop setup. Once you finish reading call so that we can help you achieve this plan as soon as possible.

Here is a testimonial of a beginner gas shop operator:
“I’m a cooking gas dealer. I started with a little money after my NYSC, to be frank, I’m not regretting going into d business.
Pls, how can I get your products.
I based in Owerri.” Prince Josh Okereke

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Every mother looks forward to childbirth. It’s the most important moment in the life of a mother. As the children come, they are celebrated with joy and it’s the desire of the mother to take good care of their babies. We buy the right baby foods, shop for cloths and other products to care for the baby. When it comes to diapers, caution should be applied as well because of the influx of substandard products in the market today from different part of the world, especially China. And because our children are important to us, we should guide against jumping at every cheap diaper in the market. However, that’s not even the topic of this article. Today I want to show new and expectant mothers how to pick the right diapers for your child wether new born, six months old or even one year old.

In today’s child care, diapers have gone beyond just a cover for the child, they provide some form of comfort and confidence for motheros as well. If you have ever carried a baby and poop is oozing off from the diaper, every mother detest that. Let alone when it’s urine coming out from the sides of the diapers and staining whomever is carrying the baby. Those scenarios don’t fit prince and princesses. That is why every mothers dream is a perfect diaper – not just the best quality but diapers that fit perfectly on the baby. Because knowing the right size of your baby diaper is so important when shopping for one.

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