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On-Page SEO Techniques – A Do-It-Yourself Guide

On-Page SEO Techniques

One of the essential strategies for on-page SEO techniques is original content. Your content is what search engines want to index.

Google has reduced the spammy sites from its search to below 1 percent. It allows original contents to be ranked.

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How Can You Improve Your Search Engine Searches?

Search engine searches

One of the major concerns for bloggers is search engine optimization. The advantage of organic traffic is enormous for any blogger to ignore. And that is also one of ‘holy grail’ for most online blogs.

The majority of blogs fighting over the top page for search traffic are those who have mastered the SEO strategy. But there is room to overtake a top-ranked blog on Google.

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Start Making Money with Just 100 Daily Blog Visitors

Blog visitors

Today I want to amuse you. 100 blog visitors don’t seem like much, right? But it was necessary to me. It wasn’t like I have built a successful blog before. And it feels so good to see that much number visiting daily.

If you are startup blogger, this may interest you as well. But if you are already seasoned, it’s like child’s play.

You probably are doing tens of thousands monthly. So, a guy with just 100 visitors doesn’t feel like much of a deal. But it was a deal for me. In fact, it was a big deal. I had finally broken the code. And it didn’t come cheap.

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