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Search Engine Free Traffic 101 – Demystifying SEO?

If you are starting a blog, the biggest problem that you have is how to get traffic to your blog. I asked the same question. Almost everyone asked or will have the same issue. The answer is in search engine free traffic.

When I first started a blog, I had high hopes, but it all fizzled away as days go into weeks, and weeks into months, with no visitors to my blog. If you haven’t even started your blog yet, please you can read the startup tutorial here. It will help you set up your blog and join in this critical discussion on search engine optimisation.

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SEO For Beginners: How To Get More Traffic

SEO For Beginners

Do you want more visitors to your blog? How much traffic do you get daily? How long have you been blogging? Do you want to learn about SEO for beginners?

These questions are not new. Some of them you probably have asked yourself. The most common question on the internet is: how do I get more traffic to my website? If many people are asking this question, does it mean it’s very difficult? Most likely, yes!

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How To Increase Website Traffic Using SEO Techniques

increase website traffic.

There are different ways to increase website traffic. And all of them are very good sources of online traffic to your site. Here is my list of traffic sources. You can implement any of them for web traffic.

Paid Traffic – your can use paid advertising like PPC to direct traffic to your site.

Direct Traffic – mostly as a result of an offline promotion, if you have any.

Email Marketing Traffic – email is another huge traffic source to drive repeat traffic to your blog.

Social Media Traffic – you can redirect your social media efforts to your blog. It’s a trending strategy you can adopt every day.

Referral Traffic – it’s usually a great source of traffic as well. If you are doing effective backlink, this would help with a good source of traffic.

Organic Traffic – the big one is organic Traffic if done well. It’s the source of free traffic for a profitable online business. Here is where SEO Techniques are needful and useful.

If you choose the search engine optimization its because you want organic traffic. Although, other traffic sources are good but organic is cheaper and sustainable.

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