How To Increase Website Traffic Using SEO Techniques

increase website traffic.

There are different ways to increase website traffic. And all of them are very good sources of online traffic to your site. Here is my list of traffic sources. You can implement any of them for web traffic.

Paid Traffic – your can use paid advertising like PPC to direct traffic to your site.

Direct Traffic – mostly as a result of an offline promotion, if you have any.

Email Marketing Traffic – email is another huge traffic source to drive repeat traffic to your blog.

Social Media Traffic – you can redirect your social media efforts to your blog. It’s a trending strategy you can adopt every day.

Referral Traffic – it’s usually a great source of traffic as well. If you are doing effective backlink, this would help with a good source of traffic.

Organic Traffic – the big one is organic Traffic if done well. It’s the source of free traffic for a profitable online business. Here is where SEO Techniques are needful and useful.

If you choose the search engine optimization its because you want organic traffic. Although, other traffic sources are good but organic is cheaper and sustainable.

However, if you choose to optimize your blog for a search engine, it’s a simple technic. Most people misunderstand SEO and believed it’s complex.

But I will simplify it for you.

Meaning Of SEO:

SEO means search engine optimization. In a simple explanation, it means preparing your blog for search engines to file them into storage to enable anyone to easily access them.

The question is how do search engines file your website and how would people access it on search engines?

How Search Engine Works:

The answer to this question is exactly what you should be doing to your website to optimize it for searches.

Now, let’s look at how search engines store your website information. They use the same filing system as a normal book library.

They file the contents of your website in different categories and sub-categories and sub-sub-categories as the case may be.

However, they employ a system that uses related keywords to retrieve filled information through search.

For example, a normal office filling system uses alphabets to arrange files. Like a cabinet. So when looking for an information in a file, you only needed to remember the first alphabet of the file name. That makes it easier to locate files in stack cabinet.

Search Engine System:

Google and other search engines adopted the same system. They link your website information with keywords, phrase or focus sentence that describes the content of your website.

That makes it easy for anyone who is looking for an information that is related to your website to find it through Google search using related keywords, phrase or sentence, to your website information.

How To Increase Website Traffic:

So, how do you now optimize your site for these keywords, phrases and sentences that your site is associated with? That is what you accomplished with SEO Techniques.

Let me explain it more briefly what you do when you optimize a site. You are ensuring that the search engine knows what the blog is about and what content it’s offering.

We do this by making sure the blog title page has the keywords, phrase or sentence we want people to find the blog with.

We also look at other areas we can enhance to further tell search engines that it was not a one-off thing or mistaken headline.

So we add the same Keywords in the body of the content. In fact, you do this carefully as in context and not stuffing it with keywords that is not relevant to the subject.

We do more by also writing a description for the site and including the same keyword in that description. This further enhances the relevance of the website to the keywords we associate with it.

Them we make sure that even the picture is optimized with the keyword.

On-page SEO:

All these are what we call On-page SEO. It’s the most important aspect to of SEO. Although we do more, like URL structuring, robot text file optimization and even sitemap.

But most of what we do in on-page SEO can be enhanced with WordPress plugins. That’s what makes optimization easy and less complicated.

You can be guided by software on what to do. And believe me, even the experts use the software. And it works.

Off-page SEO:

The other aspect is the Off-page SEO. But its what you do on other websites to make them authenticate your site by adding your links to them. It’s like a reference by another authority to search engine that your site is relevant.

For a beginner, this will help you get started. You can read Blogging for Beginners. It’s another simple explanation that will help you achieve success.

I started blogging over 10 years ago. But my work as a telecom magazine editor started 16 years ago. I Published GSM magazine in 2006. Founded Mystore International in 2013. Now working from my bedroom as a blogger. I enjoy writing. But in blogging, writing alone is not enough. You must understand basic SEO techniques. I learned the rough way. But I'm simplifying those roughness for you.
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  • SirPhren Jul 26,2018 at 5:42 pm

    Thanks for these tips Sir. Apart from on-page seo, I use Facebook and ppc to get traffic to my blog. And I also make use of my eBook.

    Keep writing! Greeting from

    • David Jul 30,2018 at 12:05 pm

      Thanks SirPhren, whatever works for you is great. Always think long term and cost implication when blog is concerned.

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