How Much Does It Cost To Create A Blog?

Create a blog

How much it can cost to create a blog is the most natural part of your dream to start a blog. You can achieve that right now, if you are ready, in less than 30 minutes or less. See this How To Start A Blog: Do-It-Yourself Guide

But the most crucial part of creating a blog is:

  1. Choosing a domain name
  2. Buying a hosting plan
  3. Purchasing a blog theme
  4. And blog optimisation

Choosing the best name for your blog is as essential as creating the blog. You should have a name for your blog. It’s like starting a business; you need a business name for it. Your domain name is the business name for your blog. And as much as possible chose a name that is closely related to the target audience of your blog.

For example, if your blog is about fashion, chose a name strictly around fashion. It gives you an automatic brand advantage. And tells the visitors exactly what your blog is about. Also, wanted a name that is easy to memorise. The shorter the domain name, the better. If you can’t find a short name, which is mostly the case now, use a short phrase like this example (Buy Domains – myfashiondiary.com is for sale! or http://fashionblogforhomies.com ). If your target audience is the homies, it will resonate with them.

Whatever you do, chose the right name for your blog. A domain name cost around $15/year.

The next thing is buying a hosting plan for your blog. If you are starting a blog for business, you will need a hosting plan. I won’t say much about it because there is nothing much to explain in Hosting than guiding you to where you can get an affordable and reliable hosting package like Bluehost plan.

Webhosting with Bluehost starts from $3.95/month for startup blogs like yours.

And your next need is a blog theme. I have a few things to explain about this one and the reason you shouldn’t make a mistake in choosing the right theme for your blog. A blog theme can affect or impact your blog search engine optimisation. Anything that should change or influence your blog traffic source should be taken seriously.

Here is why premium theme is important to how you create a blog.

  1. Site structure. A suitable site design structure is essential to SEO. Buying a good theme will start you up like a pro.
  2. SEO optimised theme. Some themes are optimised for search engines. They ensure it’s lightweight, structured in every way, even with a built-in sitemap, and responsive to all devices to accelerate mobile usage.
  3. A good theme is attractive and gives visitors the right impression about your blog. Nobody wants to browse through an unattractive blog. Your blog theme should provide the first impression about your commitment to quality content from your quality design.

And it doesn’t cost much to get a good theme. For as low as $19 your an get a theme. But the more features your blog theme has, the higher the cost. I recommend you budget around $50 to $100 for a good blog theme to create a blog.

Here is where to find the right theme for your blog at affordable rates from MyThemeShop.

Finally, you need to optimise your blog for organic traffic. Whatever strategy you might have for growing your blog, always include organic search traffic as an option. In fact, start from the beginning with an organic search strategy. The future of your blog will depend on it. Here is a resource I will like you to check out and get more information on SEO – Search Engine Traffic Optimization Simplified – What Is SEO?

I started blogging over 10 years ago. But my work as a telecom magazine editor started 16 years ago. I Published GSM magazine in 2006. Founded Mystore International in 2013. Now working from my bedroom as a blogger. I enjoy writing. But in blogging, writing alone is not enough. You must understand basic SEO techniques. I learned the rough way. But I'm simplifying those roughness for you.
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