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I’m offering you a free training on starting a blog. And I’m using these options to help you. You can choose which training option is suitable for you.

You can quickly access the one already posted on this blog by CLICK ON THIS LINK NOW.

Or you can read on, see all the course content and other options available.

Table Of Contents

Why You Should Be A Blogger:

Maybe you haven’t even thought about it. But I’m here to remind you of all the benefits of being a blogger and more. Let me just give it to you in a number count, so we are clear of what’s in or missed out. Let me just give you 10 of them. You can add more if you think I missed out any.

1. A blogger is a newsmaker. You control what others know
2. You are an influencer. You shape the mind and thoughts of other people
3. You are powerful. Information is power but those who share it are more powerful
4. You can create a business by blogging. It’s a powerful tool for marketing online
5. You earn constant revenue from your blog. As traffic grows to your blog it starts to generate revenue for you.
6. It’s a calling. If you have the gift of writing, that’s a better way to use it.
7. It’s part of help. You help others by sharing with them the information they need to improve their lives, make more money, solve a problem, be more happier, educate themselves, be inspired to live, rejoice for good, and above all appreciate the gifts of other people.
8. You learn more as you share what you already know. Your life is improved and upgraded to a more refined you.
9. You become a source of reference in your industry. People would aspire to be like you
10. You live a more fulfilled life. It makes you successful and accomplished in life

Why You Should Get My Training:

I was an editor for a business magazine for over 12 years. And 10 years of that time was spent blogging. You can also see the content of what I will be teaching you for free and see if it’s worth your time. You may ask what it’s in it for me? A lot I must confess.

Apart from enjoying my job of writing and teaching others to write powerful blogs, I’m also getting paid by an American company to teach you how to Start a blog so that you can buy their web hosting plan. That’s a real piece of honesty there, right? It’s so you don’t have a doubt in your mind as to my intention of doing this for free.

Who Should Accept My FREE Training:

If you have to pay for this training in a place like America, you would have to pay as much as $699. That’s what my friend Chris Lee charges for his exclusive Authority SEO course. Which is even a part of what you are learning for free?

However, this course is free and will always be free. So, even if you missed out in participating in this one, there will always be another time. Just follow me on my blog CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!

I would recommend you register so that I will email you the next course alert.

What You Will Gain From My FREE Training:

The course is loaded even though it’s for free. You can go through all the parts of this course and see for yourself that it’s not just a mud-job I’m doing here. It’s real stuff I want to teach you.

And I can give you my 100 per cent guarantee that you will learn how to Start a Blog. You will also have a choice of starting a blog right during the course. It’s all your choice. And I will be very much ready to assist you to get it done.

My FREE Training Outline for How to Start a Blog:

1. How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost – A Step By Step Tutorial.Bluehost - banner how to start a blog

2. 100 Blog Ideas to Choose From

3. Understanding Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

3. How to Create Stuffs Google Wants to Rank

4. How I make money from Blogs – 7 Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog. Click Here to read Content now.

The Full Course Content & Benefits:

Here are a few Benefits of attending or participating in this free seminar…

1. You will be able to set up your own blog during the training. Yes, that’s a promise. I will take you through the process of setup and if you are ready to start you can follow my instructions and get your blog set up right during the training. I will also be given away free bonus only to those who set up their blog during the seminar. That bonus is my list of 100 ways to start making money with your blog.

2. I also have an added bonus for you. My one month free mentoring. Basically, it’s to help guide through the first early stage of your blog.

3. You will know how successful blog ideas were born. You will also be able to identify the right blog idea for your blog.

4. You will learn how to optimize your blog to drive free online visitors from Google and other search engines.

5. You will also learn how to drive short-term and long-term free traffic to your blog.

6. I will be showing you what I do. What works for me and what hasn’t worked for me. How I drive free targeted traffic to my blog from all over the word daily.

7. I like to demystify Google search engine so that you can learn their big secret and how you can rank above any blog in Nigeria with ease. I can charge over $200 for this. But it’s going to be free as well. For this one alone, don’t miss this training. I will also show you what you must not do if you don’t want Google to blacklist or not rank your blog well.

8. Finally, you will learn how to make I make money from my blog and why that option works for me. But I will be explaining different monetization strategies for different kind of blogs. You will learn what monetization strategy will be most suited for your blog niche.

Who Should Participate In The FREE Training:

If you are thinking this free training may not be for you, let me help you narrow your decision quickly.

1. If you are looking for how to make money without quitting your job now.
2. If you are looking for an online business you can truly do with ease.
3. If you have an idea or vision but you are still not so sure how to get started.
4. If you are looking for a business you can start immediately without worrying about capital or running cost.
5. If you are looking for a business you can grow by the side.

How The FREE Training Can Take Place For You:

I have 3 options for you to choose from. And all option will give you slightly different training experience but the same great impact.

1. Go to this link now I have a picture Tutorial of the training. It’s very impactful and would get you started right here and now. Just CLICK HERE.
2. Attend one of my FREE physical training. You need to sign up for my NOTIFICATION HERE to know when I’m coming to your country and your city.
3. I’m working on my FULL EXPLAINER VIDEO. It will be available FREE ON THIS LINK.

Thank you for taking advantage of this FREE Training. Scroll to the comment box and ask me questions or comment about this training.

I started blogging over 10 years ago. But my work as a telecom magazine editor started 16 years ago. I Published GSM magazine in 2006. Founded Mystore International in 2013. Now working from my bedroom as a blogger. I enjoy writing. But in blogging, writing alone is not enough. You must understand basic SEO techniques. I learned the rough way. But I'm simplifying those roughness for you.
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