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How to Package SEO Contents That Drives Massive Traffic to Your Blog

SEO contents

If you want to drive massive SEO traffic to your blog, your content can do it. However, you need well packaged SEO contents to achieve it.

Your blog means nothing without content. And if you ever have a successful blog it’s because of your search engine optimized contents.

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How I Started My First blog – The Missteps and The Experiences

My first blog

My Blog biography is not very encouraging at first. But I can help you push beyond your discouragement. I had tried over 10 years ago to start my own blog. Finally now I did. It was a very costly experience. Because I didn’t know much about blogging. But you can learn from my first blog experience and avoid my mis-steps.

My first blog experience was a disaster. I probably thought because I can write I could just take off. But with practically no knowledge of online blogging.

I was writing for a local business newspaper then. So, my thinking was that I could replicate what I had in the newspaper on my blog.

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STARTUP BLOG: How to Start Your Own Blog, Optimize it for Search Engine and Monetize it for Profit – From Start to Finish

Startup blog

Everything you need to know about startup blog and how to start your own blog profitable in any niche using SEO traffic.

How do you define a fast growing startup blog? In certain situations, everyone have their description of success. The same applies to blogs.

For me, a fast growing blog is one that meets its target. For example, you can set a target to start earning $100 a day from your blog. Achieving that target makes your blog fast growing.

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